About Us

Jennifer Glenn

Co-Founder, Intuitive/Empath, Performance Psychology Coach

I have had many unusual, inexplicable, unexpected, and mind-blowing (in a good way) experiences in my life.  However, I didn’t view them as strange or special at all when I was growing up.  I assumed that they were a perfectly normal part of this reality – that everyone was having a similar perception of life.  With time, though, I started to realize that either a) many others were not having the same experience I was, or b) others were having a similar experience, but they were really not comfortable acknowledging this. 

These strange experiences – visions, bursts of insight that I sense in my body and energetic field that I can translate into words, phrases I “hear” over the top of my own thoughts that give uncannily accurate pieces of information, encounters with what would typically be described as “ghosts”  – continue to occur.  I still do not view them as something “special” to me, but rather as experiences that are available to everyone in this reality if they learn how to allow them.  They have been among my favorite parts of my life so far. 

In an effort to ground what I sensed through these experiences, I’ve spent much time looking for frameworks with which to understand and explain them.  This has led me to some very interesting places including attaining a Master of Science in performance psychology (a branch of psychology that is grounded in examining the mind-body connection in action) and the study of many different spiritual practices – some ancient and well-known, some newer and more obscure. 

I have applied the knowledge, experience, and understanding that I’ve gathered through my experiences and education to many different interactions – as a teacher and practitioner of various forms of performance psychology for almost two decades and as a guide working with individuals who wish to not only find a way to reach their highest potential but also to find a way to fully express their true nature in all moments.

Best of all, I have been on my journey with Lauren for 14 years.  Not surprisingly, she fits into my life as a part of my catalog of unusual experiences – in the way that we met, in the way that the Guides showed up, in the way that we continue to create our journey together.  I am truly happy and amazed to have her in my life.

Lauren Lukaszewski

Co-Founder, Channel

Examining my experiences and learning to listen to that which falls beyond the logical has led to the most nourishing and rewarding moments in my life.  I am still learning in each moment, with each experience, that there is always something new waiting.  Life has taught me that in order to experience more, I have to let go of my self-definitions.  This is not easy for me, but life has invited me again and again to let go so that I may move beyond that which I have known. 

In college, I majored in psychology and philosophy because I have always been interested in understanding and examining different ways of looking at and understanding the world and the beings in it.  I think this interest sprang from the fact that I was always picking up information from people and my environment beyond what was being spoken about or acknowledged.  This caused me to want to look deeper so that I could understand those experiences.

After college, I met Jen.  When we met, she blew me away and has been doing so ever since.  She has challenged me and encouraged me and coached me, and she has made me a more caring and open person by being in my life.  I mention this because before Jen, I was not someone who would have been comfortable with the concept of channeling or even energy.  This experience was never even on my radar, but life has a funny way of surprising you. 


Jen found and got us to the event (despite my vehement resistance) where I began hearing the Guides for the first time.  They were unexpected, unnerving, and completely outside of my comprehension, but there they were just the same.  The Guides have been a tremendous gift to us both, and they are dear friends who are an experience that I cannot put into words.  I feel very fortunate to share their words, wisdom, and energy with anyone who might resonate with their frequency.

I have learned much during my time here, and I am still learning.  I am finding that each moment is a teacher, a supporter, a friend, and an invitation to step into new possibilities.  While the Guides are always available, I have found that the work of shifting and expanding can benefit from a multifaceted approach.  Jen and I are versed in multiple techniques that provide support and encourage healing, expanding, and playing.  We know that there is so much more available, and we invite you to join us in exploring what is possible together by getting our hands in the clay.

The Guides

Eternal Wisdom in Expression

Who are we?  We are the vibration of Truth that sings in all realms waiting patiently to be discovered.  We are an offering, an invitation, a calling to the eternalness of all beings eager for a journey in exploration and expansion.  We carry no dogma, no regulations of spirit, no requests of self-contempt or self-punishment, for we find no value in the diminishment of the beauty that is you.  This work, instead, is put forth with the intention of removing the veil of misunderstanding that separates you from the experience of all that you are.  We stand as a reminder of the light within you, of the light that is you, and we hold this knowing on your behalf gently awaiting your remembrance. 

When we speak with you, as we can speak with anyone, we would like you to think of us as “The One”.  And when we say “The One”, we do not mean we are the One All-Knowing, One Almighty, One All-Powerful, One All-Controlling.  What we mean is that as you stand in Truth, which is what we speak, you stand in “The One”, unified with all Truth.  You are all capable of this, and when you stand there, you stand with us, as we stand with all.

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