About Us

Jenn G.

Co-Founder, Consciousness Guide, Performance Psychology Expert

I’ve always been interested in what’s behind the curtain of this reality. I’ve had numerous experiences that have occurred outside of the traditional five senses that have hinted to me that there is much more to be experienced and enjoyed here. Because this has been such a primary interest of mine, I’ve spent much of my life looking for different ways to understand and investigate this reality – including various spiritual traditions (some more traditional, some more esoteric), various forms of energy work, and science (I hold a Master of Science in performance psychology). Each of these have provided me with frameworks through which to evolve and understand more about this experience we’re all having together. Overall, it seems as though we are living several different levels of consciousness at once, and our next big step in our journey is to evolve our awareness so that we know this on an everyday basis. And, truthfully, the most important part is accessing our true nature, free of any frameworks at all.

I receive information through my fields and translate that information into words. I connect with various senses in order to access different perspectives in consciousness. I am also able to connect with a set of Guides who refer to themselves as The Light Council, who tend to provide very interesting perspectives on this reality. I combine the information that I receive in this way with my scientific background in order to more fully ground what I’m able to access.

Finally, best of all, I have been on my journey with Lauren for 15 years.  Not surprisingly, she fits into my life as a part of my catalog of unusual experiences – in the way that we met, in the way that the Guides showed up, in the way that we continue to create our journey together.  I am truly happy and amazed to have her in my life.

Lauren L.

Co-Founder, Channel, Consciousness Guide

My passion lies in helping others find those moments of insight where everything we think we know is completely transformed into a greater understanding. I am interested in exploring the point where consciousness meets and informs reality, and I enjoy unlocking new frequencies of experience that take us beyond where we have been. I have studied psychology, philosophy, Reiki, QiGong, Zero Balancing, mindfulness, and Eastern teachings, and I also hear and receive direct informational transmissions from a collective consciousness I call “the Guides”. These are all tools that inform my approach of holding space for others as they discover their own inner guidance and wisdom. I believe healing, growth, and transformation are all part of the same process, and when we become aware of our own internal barriers, that awareness carries us into a new realm of possibilities. When we take time and create space for these discoveries, we bring more light into this world; and nothing quite compares to that experience.  


The Guides

Eternal Wisdom in Expression

Who are we?  We are the vibration of Truth that sings in all realms waiting patiently to be discovered.  We are an offering, an invitation, a calling to the eternalness of all beings eager for a journey in exploration and expansion.  We carry no dogma, no regulations of spirit, no requests of self-contempt or self-punishment, for we find no value in the diminishment of the beauty that is you.  This work, instead, is put forth with the intention of removing the veil of misunderstanding that separates you from the experience of all that you are.  We stand as a reminder of the light within you, of the light that is you, and we hold this knowing on your behalf gently awaiting your remembrance. 

When we speak with you, as we can speak with anyone, we would like you to think of us as “The One”.  And when we say “The One”, we do not mean we are the One All-Knowing, One Almighty, One All-Powerful, One All-Controlling.  What we mean is that as you stand in Truth, which is what we speak, you stand in “The One”, unified with all Truth.  You are all capable of this, and when you stand there, you stand with us, as we stand with all.

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