The Co-Creative Process: Exploring Depths and Edges

(From the Guides as channeled by Lauren Lukaszewski)

“You do not have to try.  You already are a creator. 

You create with each and every breath that you take.”

When you are in a state of allowance, you are not in a state of passivity.  This is an important distinction when you are opening up to understanding the co-creative process.  Many of you have been viewing creation as something that you must force.  You do not yet understand that the very nature of your being is one of a creator in manifestation.  When something lies at the very foundation of who you are, when it is the very material you are made of, you do not have to try to be this.  You do not have to try.  You already are a creator.  You create with each and every breath that you take.  Just as you do not try to breathe, you also do not have to try to take part in the co-creative process.

As we have discussed earlier, awareness and effort are not the same thing.  When you become aware of a tendency, truly aware, you do not have to wrestle yourself into a different tendency.  If you are wrestling, you are continuing to exemplify the misunderstandings that you still hold of your true being, of who you truly are.  If you stand in your knowing of yourself, you hold a much larger space against which to compare your unconscious actions.  When you stand in a new awareness of these unconscious tendencies from the breadth and depth of who you really are, your whole world is no longer rocked by the new information you have received.  When you stand in a limited view of yourself and you become aware of an unconscious tendency, your absorption process is experienced in a much different way.  It is the difference between a drop of food coloring in a thimble of water versus a drop of food coloring in the ocean.  When you know you are the ocean, then you also realize that the unconscious parts of you have little to no impact.  This is not to say that it is not helpful to become aware of these things, but the awareness is no longer a scary process when you understand that you are so much more.

As we step out onto the leading edge of all that is, we are also stepping into the heart of all that is at the same time.  The leading edge of creation bursts forth from the deepest aspects of Truth in exploration.  Lauren has a question on this as she does not understand the deepest aspects of Truth as we speak it.  We will explain.  You are able to understand things at different depths.  There are surface understandings – you see Jen and learn that she is called Jen, so based on her face, you now know Jen.  But then you spend some time with Jen, and you learn that she likes milk shakes, and animals, and she does not like onions.  Now you know Jen in a different way.  Then you spend a lot of time with Jen, you share your feelings with one another, you get married, you have new experiences together, and you talk about how she feels during those experiences, and now you have a much deeper knowing of Jen.  You continue to explore one another because you are allowing for a deeper knowing of Truth that is what you call Jen, and you love that exploration.  This is what we mean by the deepest aspects of Truth in exploration.

Have you ever read a book at one point in your life and then read it again at a different point in your life and understood that book with a different depth of understanding?  Have you ever seen a movie, looked at a painting, studied a topic, and had more of you available to absorb the information in a way that carried more for you than what you initially experienced?  When you allow yourself to go deeper – not through force, but through release – then you are moving to the edges.  Things are not as they seem.  To push the edges of what is possible, you first become one with the deepest roots of Truth itself.  You move to the core to move to the edges.  In that level of understanding, universes are born. 

When we say that it is not through force but through release, there is a reason.  This is not about dogma, and we do not say this just because it is a nice thing to say.  We say this because when you are in force, you are cut off from receiving all of the information that is available.  When this occurs, you are not able to absorb and receive, which limits your depth of understanding.  The edges of all-that-is, genuinely new experiences, new thoughts, new feelings, new existence, new worlds, lie at the very essence of Truth.  “So how do we get there?” Lauren is asking.  You hold your space of allowance and awareness so that you may go deeper.  You realize that your entire being is wired to guide you in this exploration if you are willing to allow the journey.  Until this point, you have been distracted by your own misunderstandings.  But when you can hold your knowing, and you can allow more of you in a moment, you are now engaging all of your faculties in the process. 

Holding your space is important if you want to move to greater depths.  When Lauren was starting on this journey, she would come in touch with more of herself in a moment.  But when she stumbled on something she did not like, when she was given new information about an unconscious tendency, she would cut herself off from all that she had learned up to that point.  She would make herself small again.  She would become completely identified with the new information she was receiving, and she would put down her knowing of everything else that she was.  This is pervasive among a lot of you because of what you have been taught about the need to control.  You are given new information, and you move into a space of wrestling with yourself.  You no longer see all that you have learned about who you truly are; you only see the new tendency that has arisen for you to examine.  You only see the limitation.  When your vision is so narrowed, you are now removing the support of all that you are which is available to assist in your shift.  But if you can receive information in a new way, one in which you do not put down everything you have learned about who you really are up until that point, you will begin moving much deeper much more quickly.  You will be turning on your motor instead of relying on your flippers. 

So, when you are diving into yourself, when you are diving into the depths of your experiences, you are diving to the very edges of existence itself.  In doing so, you are now creating beyond what has been.  You are a part of the show.  You are contributing energetically to the fabric of all that is, and your contribution is essential to all that will unfold from it.  But to be a part of this process, you must allow yourself to show up.  You are all Truth.  But if you choose to spend your time on the surface, you will not allow the experience of wonder as it unfolds into manifestation.  You will simply be looking at the face, and you will never explore the experience.  There is nothing wrong with staying on the surface.  You may be bored, but if you want to be bored, then here is a floaty and a drink, and we wish you well.  But we will tell you that there will come a time when your being will start rocking, and the surface will no longer satisfy you.  Does this mean you do not have a choice?  Of course you do.  You always have a choice.  But choice is always only made in a moment.  So what we are telling you is that your choice to stay on the surface today may not be the same choice to stay on the surface tomorrow.  Conditions are ever-changing.

We mentioned that one way to move deeper in your exploration of the essence of all that is is to allow all of yourself to be present when you identify parts of yourself that have been unconscious.  This support will not only make this a more pleasant process for you, but it will also give your being permission to come back into alignment with itself.  When the part of you that has been held in unconsciousness comes to the surface, it will learn that the rest of you will be there waiting to welcome it back home.  The reunification of you with yourself is a powerful thing.  This will allow you to move deeper because now there is more of you available to absorb Truth and explore its riches. 

When we said that your being is wired for this exploration, we are letting you know that if you shift your reliance to your intuition, your feelings, your experience of your moments, this will be your guide to the edges.  You have been bouncing, picking and choosing, categorizing when you will rely on intuition and when you will rely on intellect.  And we will tell you, always, always, always rely on the information that your being is giving you.  Your being will never lie to you.  Your being does not pretend.  If your being is giving you information that you do not want to hear, listen to it anyway.  Just because you have decided you want to be ready for something does not mean that you actually are.  If you can pay attention and trust what your feelings are telling you, then you will be light years ahead.  Because in the threads and fabric of that information are the pieces waiting to be unfolded, and those are the pieces that are universal. 

Lauren and Jen quite enjoy synchronicity, and we really enjoy it as well.  When they experience synchronicity, it plucks their strings, and their entire being feels the impact of being in alignment with the Universe.  Synchronicity is universal truth unveiling itself.  Coincidence is the intellect’s attempt at mirroring universal truth.  The intellect is always just a poor imitation of the richness that is available to you.  Love is Truth; approval is intellect.  Wonder is Truth; anticipation is intellect.  Guidance is Truth; rules are intellect.  These things have different feelings to you.  And if you are trying to understand them with your mind, you are ignoring all of the information that is available.  You are wired to explore the secrets that await you on your journey if you let yourself be free of the shallow prison of imitation that you have been holding yourself in.  There is so much more.

You are all looking to have your motors on.  You want to be uninhibited and boundless in your creations.  When you move into alignment with the Universe, you now get to create and experience the creation simultaneously.  That is the joy you are seeking.  It is not about justification; it is about the brilliant experience as it pops forth from your being.  You get to watch your energy thread into all that is.  But you only get to enjoy this experience if you allow it.

Lauren is tired, so we will stop for now.  Observe your moments today with a new eye.  Give yourself the opportunity to be aware of your creations, and see if you can shift into allowing all of you to be there as they occur.  See if you can begin to turn your motor on.

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