The Starting Line

(From the Guides as channeled by Lauren Lukaszewski)

“You are here to experience the richness of each moment through the very cells

of your being.  You are the symphony.  You are the transcendence. 

You are the miracle that you are waiting for.”

It is helpful when you focus on your vibrational experience rather than getting wrapped up in only mind experience.  You are predominantly vibration, and this is something that has been forgotten and must be remembered in order for change to occur.  It is really a simple shift but is also a life-changing shift.  It is simply a shift in your attention, allowing it to rest gently on your experience, on your vibration, on your energy, rather than on your thoughts.

You are so much more than you have been allowing yourself to experience.  And life is so much more as well.  The magnificence that you’re missing is the very reason that you came.  So when you feel lost, it is because you have forgotten what set you out on this journey.  We would like to help you remember.  In the remembering will be your awakening to the truth that is waiting to be seen.  You are not missing the boat.  Life is not a test.  But we can tell you that you can enjoy this ride much more than you have been up to this point. 

Imagine you are standing in a pasture, and you are only able to see one single flower.  You think the flower is beautiful, and you decide to never look up because this is the flower that you have come to know.  We will tell you that this is what you have been doing.  But what you do not know yet is that if you look up, there is an entire pasture, rolling hills, fields of every kind of flower and animal and color imaginable, and its richness would fill your soul.  It would take your breath away.  It would fill you with wonder.  But you must look up.  You must shift your attention away from the single flower that was never the whole story.  It was only the smallest part of the story.

When we speak of this flower, we are speaking of your thoughts.  Your attention is only on your thoughts.  You eat, sleep, and breathe them.  And yes, we really mean this.  You think about the food, and you eat your thoughts.  You think about your life, and then you dream your thoughts.  You are inhaling and exhaling through your thoughts every day.  They fill your space.  They fill your life.  They fill your being.  And they are suffocating you. 

You have met people who have no awareness that they are not their thoughts, and it makes you angry.  The reason it makes you angry is because you know that they are only allowing a petal on the one flower.  It can even get that small.  One petal to focus on – the approval of others.  One petal.  One thought that repeats itself in every experience of their lives.  It angers you because you realize how much they are limiting their experience by only looking at that one petal.  And we say, yes, they are really limiting their experience.  But the anger that you feel is the resonance of your own knowing that you are doing the same to yourself.  You are limiting yourself, and it is frustrating you.  You know there is more.  You feel it.  You all feel it.  It is why addiction is so prevalent in your world and your surroundings.

Everyone knows that there is more.  Some just don’t know that they know.  And that can be tricky when they have chosen to tell themselves that this is all that there is.  That the small box they put themselves in is the entire world – it is all that life has to offer to them.  But there are others who are angry as well.  You have met them.  And their anger is a representation of their own knowing as well.  It always is. 

You ask yourself why when you came into this existence you forgot what you really are if you really are divinity.  We tell you, your being never forgot.  You have a guidance system built within that is always telling you that you are more than the bone and skin and body that you are.  You are not just a set of reactions that has no feeling.  The issue becomes when you do not listen to your own inner guidance.  When you pay attention to the world instead of to yourself.  The world does not know.  You know.  But it can be confusing.  People often find themselves on many journeys before they realize that there is really only one journey that will give them what they are looking for.  The inner wisdom that rests within everyone is where your life begins.  Isn’t that interesting?  You thought inner wisdom was the destination.  Ah, it is only the beginning.  It is the starting line, not the finish line.  But so many of you decide it is the finish line, and so you don’t step up and see.  You run around and create obstacles to overcome and wars to win and diseases to “survive”, and you never even entered the race.  You haven’t even seen the big game.  You have been tailgating, and you have not understood that you are not even in the arena yet.  There is so much more.

We have been saying this phrase to you, and we truly mean it.  There is so much more.  There is so much more if you will just look up.  If you will just allow a new experience.  If you will release the habits that you cling to for comfort and for the illusion of safety.  You do not want to be safe – you want to be relishing your brilliance and filled with the majestic thrill of exploring new parts of yourself and of life.  Safe is a concept that is based on the premise that you are in danger.  That you must change things around you and control the world and remove anything that you do not understand before you can be.  But look, you are already being.  And you are missing it.  This is important so we are going to focus on this point before we continue.

When you are in fear of life, of things, of people, of whatever you choose to hold yourself apart from, you are now deciding that it is something you must change before you can be.  That is the truth.  We know you want to put safe at the end of that sentence, but if you do you are missing the point.  You are not realizing that you already are.  That you already are as those things are.  That it is already happening simultaneously.  So your resistance is based on a thought that is in direct conflict with what already is.  Isn’t that interesting?  Yes, we think it is. 

We have watched you all run around telling yourself these amazing stories, and we have been in such wonder at how you convince yourselves of them.  They are stories that, if you truly look at them, deep at their roots, are in direct opposition to what is already.  That is a grand illusion.  You already are.  And you still are.  And look, you still are.  So all of these things that you think will keep you from being, from existence, from all that is, are thoughts that at the core are absurd.  You.  Already.  Are. 

So stop telling yourself that you are not.  When you are choosing to continue this thought process, you are not only not stepping up to the starting line, you are walking backwards through the crowd and locking yourself in the outhouse.  We are glad you are amused.  And yes, it is a perfect analogy.  Because you cannot even begin to see the starting line, what is possible for you, and you are hanging out in the shit instead.  You are hanging out with everyone else who has decided that they do not want to explore this life.  That they know what is best, and doesn’t it smell so good in here?  And up to this point, you have been pretending that yes, it smells lovely – please can I stay here forever?  But you are miserable.  And there is something worse than miserable – there is miserable that is pretending that it is not miserable.  We say – stop pretending, and for god’s sake, get out of the outhouse. 

It is ridiculous from our vantage point to see you in all of your brilliance and all of your glory choosing to deny yourself everything that you worked so hard to experience.  Yes, you have worked for the experiences that await you.  But then you tell yourself they are not here, they must be there.  And we say, kindly, gently, what in the world are you doing?  They are right here.  Everything you are looking for is right here.  Right.  Now.  It is not over there.  It is not on the other side.  This is the other side.  You didn’t know that one, did you?  And you might not feel the most comfortable with it, but there it is.  This is the other side you have been waiting for.

You are here to experience the richness of each moment through the very cells of your being.  You are the symphony.  You are the transcendence.  You are the miracle that you are waiting for.  This is your time.  It is not later.  It is not before.  It is here.  In this moment.  In this time.  And you, if you are willing, have everything that you need to begin this experience.  All you must do is lift your eyes. 

You are asking us now for tangible things to do in order to better understand how you can help yourself.  And we can appreciate this request.  We know that when you are in a dark cave, it is lovely to hear that you can find your way out, but you would probably rather have a flashlight.  So, if you are patient with us, we will help your eyes adjust so you may begin to find your way.  As you know and as we mentioned before, the way you will find may not be the way you thought you were headed.  This is because the way we would like to bring you is further in rather than running out.  And when we say in, we mean into yourself.

We mentioned shifting your attention to your vibrational experience.  We know that some may wonder if they must be able to sense energy before they can continue.  And we say no, you don’t.  A baker can be a brilliant baker even if they don’t know that the fluffy white stuff is called flour.  If they still use the fluffy white stuff, then they can tell themselves whatever they want about it.  And most of you are doing that.  You are telling yourselves stories to make yourself feel comfortable about your knowing of things.  But the brilliance of your realm is that experience is experience, no matter what you tell yourself about it.  You are all having experiences.  And those experiences are there offering so much to you.  What you choose to do when you stand in them is what makes for the variety.  When you hold yourself apart from all that is available to you in an experience, your inner guidance knows, and you will feel the discord.  You paint the picture of what that discord looks like – be it anger, or fear, or rage, or sadness – but it is still just information telling you that you can have more out of that experience than you are allowing for yourself.

Your stories about that sensation are what tend you get you off-track.  But you are never really off-track.  Even when you think you are getting further away from the truth, the opposite might actually be true.  The more discomfort you have, the more impetus to find a different way.  But it is helpful to be aware that your stories are not the only way to experience life.  They are a way – but there is another.  And not many are allowing just pure genuine experience of a moment without buffering it with a story about the moment.  It might be a complex story, or it might be as simple as “good” or “bad”.  But it is still a buffer, and then you experience the buffer instead of the actual moment.

So when we tell you to put your attention on your vibrational experience, it is because we know you will enjoy the richness of the moment much more than the story of the richness of the moment.  In this practice, you will find that you are actually allowing yourself to be a participant in life.  You are no longer just observing your story and reacting to your story, you are actually melding your being with the experience.  You and the experience become one.  It will blow your mind.  This is the being that you are.  We would like very much for you to start being it.

We thank you for this time and appreciate the opportunity to share our observations with you.

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